Increasing Sponsorship Revenue

Operating a top-flight organization never gets any cheaper. Expenses add up as you book the best speakers, plan the most informative sessions, land that perfect location and add all the little touches that make a difference between a good experience and a great one.

The truth is, annual memberships, traditional advertising, and conference and exhibitor fees only cover so much. What if you could carve out more targeted revenue streams from a mobile engagement channel designed specifically for members?

The MOSAIC™ Mobile Platform has the answer. Our MOSAIC™ 365 app lets you make the most of sponsorships, in-app advertising, and other creative non-dues revenue-generating avenues.

You’ll have the ability to offer splash pages, home page advertisements, and rotating banner advertisements. You’ll give your members on-demand contact information for each sponsor, and sponsors can even integrate their social media feeds into their messaging.

With the revenue-generating functions of MOSAIC™ 365, you’re free to form year-round opportunities with sponsors, bringing a new level of mobile connectivity to both their messaging and your ability to gather the income needed to maintain your standards and expand services. In fact, organizations that use the full range of revenue-generating options find that the app can pay for itself in no time.


With MOSAIC™ 365, your organization can increase sponsorship revenue through:

  • Customized, sponsored splash pages for premium-level advertising opportunities.
  • Home page module advertising for large event sponsors and high-level partners.
  • Scrolling banner ads with separate controls for each event to accommodate multiple sponsors and partners.
  • Dynamic directory listings for sponsors and partners for maximum visibility and connectivity with your members and attendees.
  • Sponsored push alerts to keep advertisers and partners front and center with their target audiences.
  • Social media feed integrations to allow members and attendees to connect and engage with sponsors and partners.

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Revenue Generating Sponsorships. All Year Long.

Are you ready to leverage year-round sponsorship opportunities to benefit your members while generating revenue for your organization? With MOSAIC™ 365, you can make the most of sponsorships, in-app advertising, and other creative non-dues revenue-generating avenues throughout the year, not just at your annual conference. See how you can get MOSAIC™ 365 to pay for itself! 

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