Simplifying Membership Renewal

It’s the $1 million question: How do we increase membership renewals? It can be one of an association’s biggest challenges, but it’s also one of the most lucrative to solve. That’s in part because the amount of money that members spend on association opportunities, products and services increases over the lifetime of the member. Most associations’ renewal efforts still rely on snail mail, newsletters and other publications. One recent study finds that while more organizations are turning to social platforms, only 5% of respondents are using advanced digital tools, such as apps.

Put your association ahead of the pack with the MOSAIC™ Mobile Platform. The MOSAIC™ 365 app gives users the power to renew instantly from their mobile device, wherever and whenever they like – over morning coffee, between flights, or even while waiting for a meeting to start. In fact, the ease of renewal via this app is itself a reminder of the value membership brings to their lives. 


With the MOSAIC™ 365, your organization can offer:

  • Instant, easy membership renewals to help keep members current and maintain dues revenue
  • Easy updates of member profiles so members can keep their information current and relevant
  • Custom preferences for alerts and notifications so your association can communicate strategically with members

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Instant, Easy Membership Renewals.

Would your organization benefit from faster, easier member renewals? MOSAIC™ 365 makes it easier than ever for your organization to alert members of upcoming renewal dates and then to process the renewals from the member's mobile device. See how you can reduce late renewals and keep cash flow strong with MOSAIC™ 365.

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mosaic tablet