Harnessing Mobile Engagement

Going mobile is mission critical for today’s associations. Doing it right is even more important, as you want to ensure you deliver brand consistency, quality and simplicity in all interactions to create a positive experience for members and sponsors. As your association grows and expands its membership and programs, your mobile solutions need to adapt and scale in a way that maintains excellence. By exceeding expectations with convenient, timely mobile communications and multiple engagement opportunities throughout the year, your association will build long-term, successful relationships with the people who matter most.

Keep your members up to date year-round with MOSAIC™ 365. This app, part of the MOSAIC™ Mobile Platform, has with the power and flexibility to execute your member engagement strategies and empower you to create and manage just about anything and everything on your event calendar, from annual conferences to local chapter meetings and social gatherings. MOSAIC™ 365 allows you to keep your members constantly informed and engaged. 


With the MOSAIC™ Mobile Platform, your organization can enjoy:

  • Year-round, 24/7 visibility with members, donors and partners so they stay engaged consistently.
  • Mobile alert opportunities that keep key constituents informed and current about upcoming events, relevant updates, education opportunities.
  • The ability to connect your members with each other so they build the relationships that keep them engaged with your organization.
  • Social media feed integration so all your key audiences can view and engage with you on social channels throughout the year.

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Engage Members. Go Mobile. Be Excellent.

Are you ready to engage your members all year in interactions that ofer brand consistency, quality and simplicity? To maintain excellence as you leverage the power of mobile? See how the MOSAIC™ 365 app can help you engage your members in a way that exceeds expectatons every time, all year. 

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mosaic tablet