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Maximize iMIS for Your Association

Data Impact Solutions is an ASI-Authorized Partner with the expertise and capabilities to serve both iMIS and non-iMIS users.

iMIS is a solid, out-of-the-box product but it needs to be configured and implemented strategically so you can leverage all of its features.

Before you spend on third-party products and tools or try to create extensive customizations, let DIS do a review and recommend how you can best use all of its native features. We will work with you to understand your organization’s business goals and then provide strategic solutions to help make iMIS fit your specific needs.

And if it turns out you do need to integrate with third-party products that supplement iMIS, we can help. We build custom web services, APIs and connectors that help ensure your iMIS data integrity and consistency. We also provide iMIS training, reporting, and business process automation services to maximize your iMIS investment.

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Untangle the Web

From eSeries, to public view, to a fully iParts based website, we help create workflows on the web that work for you. In today’s constantly changing landscape of mobile browsers, device shapes and sizes, we take each of these challenges as opportunities to tap their potential and increase your reach. We build responsive sites on the RiSE platform and add our one-touch magic to get people to join, renew, register, donate with one touch or one click, depending upon which device they are accessing the website. We also provide content update services, if that is all you need.

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Members Go Mobile: A Starter Guide for Associations

Member engagement is a year‐round priority, so why should your mobile app be any different? To be considered a cutting-edge organization, your association has to embrace the mobile membership movement. In this Starter Guide specifically designed for associations, you’ll learn how!

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