Stress-free Registration

Nothing gets an event off to a bad start quite like a logjam at the check-in tables. Long lines dampen excitement, knock plans off schedule, stress out early-rising staff, and strain goodwill. Think of how much easier conference management would be -- for members and staff alike -- if you could avoid all that.

Now you can with the MOSAIC™ Mobile Platform. The event management functions available through our award-winning MOSAIC™ Check-In App put your members and staff on track for a fantastic experience.


With the MOSAIC™ Check-In App, members and your team enjoy:

  • Quick onsite check-in, a simple four-step process gets everyone checked in and seated quickly
  • Flexible badge printing, with badges the tap of a screen away, as are corrections, if need be.
  • Time savings, as event planners simply set up self-service check-in kiosks comprised of a kiosk stand, an iPad, and a printer.
  • Tickets made easy, with onsite printing of tickets corresponding to attendees’ event registration record.
  • Secure cloud-based storage and AMS integration, providing easy mobile access to your full attendee list.
  • Real-time reporting so you can see how many registrants have checked in at any given point.


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Reduce Long Lines. Save Staff Time.

Are you ready to save your team time during events and give attendees a positive experience the minute they arrive? MOSAIC™ Check-In App does just that. See how you can use self-serve kiosks for attendees to check in and print badges and to track attendance as you go. Check out MOSAIC™ Check-In App today! 

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mosaic tablet