MOSAIC™ Online Scheduler

The MOSAIC™ Online Scheduler, an Add-On to MOSAIC™ 365, puts your members in charge of their schedules throughout your events and conferences, while saving your association time and money. This conference schedule product allows attendees to view all their options for events and sessions throughout your conference, to create their personalized day-by-day conference agenda and edit as needed. They can even view and download a PDF of their schedule for convenience and sharing. As changes occur throughout the event, as they often do, you don’t have to worry about last-minute printing costs to produce new paper schedules. Your members can view the most current schedule and adapt their own agendas as needed — all through their mobile device.


MOSAIC™ Online Scheduler

MOSAIC™ Online Scheduler Features


Allow your event attendees to see all the conference events and sessions - educational, informational and social - in real time, through their mobile device.


Your attendees can create their hour-by-hour agenda for the conference and make any edits as they go through the event. PDF versions also available.

What Our Clients Say

“We use MOSAIC™ 365 for our events, as a member portal for news, profile updates and membership rosters. Integration with iMIS is seamless. We love it!”

Industrial Research Institute

“The MOSAIC™ team has been fantastic. They are very responsive, pro-active, patient, organized, and supportive. Very sharp team."

CPAmerica International

“The MOSAIC™ platform has allowed us to keep our attendees up to date on the schedule and changes. The app is easy to use. It's working well with e-touches, allowing us to register people onsite and printing the badge without having a long wait time."

AGC of America

Custom, current conference agendas for every attendee. All in their hands.

Do you want to deliver a personalized, productive experience to attendees at your events and conferences? See how the MOSAIC™ Online Scheduler can do just that, with complete mobile access to your event offerings along with options for attendees to create, print and update their own schedules. A surefire way to deliver a superior event experience, check out the MOSAIC™ Online Scheduler today!


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